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Hotel Afzal
Hotel Afzal
Hotel Afzal
Hotel Afzal
Hotel Afzal
Hotel Afzal

Hotel Afzal, Trivandrum

Vizhinjam, Trivandrum+919895321773


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  • Time - 5PM to 11PM

  • Avg Cost for two - Rs.300

  • Cuisines - Kerala - Traditional

  • Serve - Dinner,

  • Suitable for Family , Friends , Food Explorers


Trivandrum , Vizhinjam, Trivandrum

Location Note: When you are traveling on Kovalam to Kanyakumari highway, this restaurant is located on the left side, just two kilometers away from Kovalam, right opposite Hindustan Petroleum Pump at Vizhinjam


Hotel Afzal

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  • Car Parking - Not Available
  • Home Delivery - Not Available
  • Take Away - Available
  • Cards - Not Accepted
  • AC - Not Available

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Open only during evening hours, Hotel Afzal is famous for their one and only dish, Chicken Fry and Porotta combination. This small restaurant which is open from 5 pm to 11 pm is located at Vizhinjam opposite H.P Petrol Pump. Dinner hours from 7 pm onwards will be the best time to visit this restaurant which started over twenty years ago.

Detailed Write-up

With one dish and open only during evenings, this restaurant has pulled off something spectacular, which many other full time restaurants with elaborate menu have failed to achieve. Just get to this restaurant for dinner and you can see the acceptance this place has got among the local customers at Vizhinjam, who flock this small diner with their families.

This restaurant is located right opposite Hindustan Petroleum Pump at Vizhinjam. When you are traveling on Kovalam to Kanyakumari highway, this restaurant is located on the left side, just two kilometers away from Kovalam. As this restaurant is open only during evening hours you can find parking on the roadsides infront of other shops, even though this place doesn’t have any parking area of their own.

Started back some twenty years back by Amir Khan, Chicken Fry with Porotta is the one and only dish served at this restaurant. Whole chicken divided into four pieces is first marinated with masala for some time and later mixed with chilly seeds for extra tanginess while frying it in oil. This extra tangy dish is served hot and is best had with Porotta they serve here. Nice and thin porottas are a speciality from this place which you can easily tear with one finger. You can also see the soft drinks they serve at this restaurant sell like hot cake, courtesy of their extra tangy chicken.

Even after being such a small hotel, the number of family customers who visit this restaurant is definitely going to surprise you. They have a small family dining space for their family along with a larger dining area furnished with plastic chairs and tables. They have an open kitchen setup right infront of the restaurant where all the items are prepared right infront of their customers.

Parcel customers who even order full chicken are served quickly without much delay. They only marinate a specific amount of chicken and as it gets over they pull down the shutter. This restaurant gives one of a kind experience for all chicken lovers, who want to try something out of the ordinary. 

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