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Chemmala Fish Farm , Malappuram

Vallapuzha - Chaliyil, Nilambur +91 9747619385


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  • Time - 11AM to 9PM

  • Avg Cost for two - Rs.300

  • Cuisines - Kerala - Traditional

  • Serve - Lunch, Dinner,

  • Suitable for Family , Friends , Food Explorers


Malappuram , Vallapuzha - Chaliyil, Nilambur

Location Note: Located five km from Nilambur, you have to travel down on Karulayi Road to reach Vallapuzha, Chaliyil


Chemmala Fish Farm

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  • Car Parking - Available
  • Home Delivery - Not Available
  • Take Away - Available
  • Cards - Not Accepted
  • AC - Not Available

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    Chemmala Fish farm is not just a haven for fresh water fish lovers but a vision to every fish farmer in the state. Open from 11 am till 9 pm everyday, this fish farm/restaurant is located at Nilambur, Vallapuzha, Chaliyil. Fresh farm grown fishes caught and cooked on order is the uniqueness of this place. Afternoon hours are their rush hours and you can either go for traditional Elayil Pollichathu or broast type of preparations.

    Detailed Write-up

    Started back in 2000, Owner of Chemmala Fish Farm Mr. Shaji wanted this place to be much more. As the years passed they started improving upon the idea of making this place more into a local hangout place with some good measure of freshwater delicacies thrown in. Now if you go to this place during a weekend you might have to wait a while before getting your hands on their amazing Fish Pollichathu coz of the rush.

    But don’t worry; even if you might have to wait for a while, there are things to do here unlike your ordinary restaurant where you have to sit on the lonely corner of a restaurant floor with a burning stomach. You can go out on a small pedal boat tour through their small farming lake or more interestingly you can even catch the fish yourself. Visit this place with enough time at your hand or it can ruin the whole experience for you.

    Now this place is not a proper restaurant and the seating arrangements are very limited. There are a few benches and huts and they even have a floating dining space that can fit four but during rush hours you might even have to wait your turn or have food while standing or even in your own vehicle.

    This place is located a mere five kilometre from Nilambur. Located at Vallapuzha, Chaliyil, you have to get to Karulayi road from Nilambur to reach Chammala Fish Farm. Although the roads and turn to this might make you feel confused as to whether such a place actually exist, just tread on and with a little faith you will find the place. Although the entrance might look small they have a big parking area so you don’t have to worry about you vehicles.   

    Taste of their Fish pollichathu is now getting known across the district borders and people come from long distances to try it. Silopia, Avoli, Vala are the main varities of fish they use to serve their customers. Full Duck Roast and Rabbit Roast are also available here on prior order. You can buy fresh fishes from their farm too.

    This place is definitely a must try for any fish lover or even fellow fish farmers. The way they have maintained this whole enterprise beautifully definitely deserves a pat in the back. 

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    Freshly caught fish from the farm is first cooked till the half way point by frying it in oil. Later it gets lathered with a lavish amoun... More

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