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Ashoka Tea Shop
Ashoka Tea Shop
Ashoka Tea Shop
Ashoka Tea Shop
Ashoka Tea Shop
Ashoka Tea Shop

Ashoka Tea Shop, Calicut

Near Second Railway Gate, Court Road, Calicut0495236642


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  • Time - 5AM to 9:30PM

  • Avg Cost for two - Rs.50

  • Cuisines - Kerala - Traditional , Kerala - Malabar

  • Serve -

  • Suitable for Friends , Food Explorers


Calicut , Near Second Railway Gate, Court Road, Calicut

Location Note: 20 meters away from Second Railway gate, on Court road towards Mathrubhumi Junction, Calicut.


Ashoka Tea Shop

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  • Car Parking - Not Available
  • Home Delivery - Not Available
  • Take Away - Not Available
  • Cards - Not Accepted
  • AC - Not Available

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When it comes to a dish, its not about how simple or grand the dish is, its about how good one can make it. Ashoka tea shop near Second railway gate, on court road, became a favorite among foodies for their evening special upmaav and pappadam. Although they are open from 5 am to 9:30 pm, if you want to try their famous delicacy, its best to pay a visit to this place during their evening hours.

Detailed Write-up

This sixty year old hotel, near Second Railway gate, on court road, is not the only hotel in that area; in fact, there are many similar looking restaurants, with same menu. But during evening hours, Ashoka hotel becomes the centre of attraction, among all the mayhem happening at this already congested and busy street.

What can they possibly do with a simple household dish that, people come swarming to this place to have it? Upmaavu by itself is soft, and has that optimal mix of ghee and oil, which makes it a delight by itself. But, the true hero of this combination is the special masala pappadam they serve, made solely for this combination, brings crispiness to the soft upmaavu dish. As they prepare only limited amounts of pappadam, it gets over pretty fast, but you can try the dish with egg curry as side dish.

This hotel, which is more than 5 decades old, was started by Shankaran and presently run by his son, only serves snacks and breakfast dishes. In the absence of meals and other main course dishes also, this small hotel with two dining areas, and a maximum capacity of 30 people, is full during most times of the day. But things get out of hand if you reach this place during evening hours, when you can see people standing inside and outside of the hotel and having food.

Its not a wise decision to take your four wheelers to this place, as you won’t be able to find any parking area nearby and this area also gets blocked by people who wait at the railway level cross. Another problem is the low roof clearance of the place, so all you guys above six foot, watch out, or there is every chance, for you to bump your head into something.

Is this place a perfect restaurant to sit back and relax? No, but, they sure know how to give a combination that makes you fall in love with the simplest of dishes.  

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Upmaavu by itself is soft, and has that optimal mix of ghee and oil, which makes it a delight by itself. But, the true hero of this combi... More

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