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Al Reem Restaurant , Ernakulam

Athani Kottai, Angamali, Ernakulam+91 8893410410


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  • Time - 1PM to 9:30PM

  • Avg Cost for two - Rs.220

  • Cuisines - Arabian

  • Serve - Lunch, Dinner,

  • Suitable for Family , Friends , Food Explorers


Ernakulam , Athani Kottai, Angamali, Ernakulam

Location Note: Near Bharath Benz Showroom, on the left side when you are travelling from Edappally, before Airport Junction at Athani Kottai


Al Reem Restaurant

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  • AC - Available
  • Car Parking - Available
  • Home Delivery - Available
  • Take Away - Available
  • Cards - Not Accepted

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    Started back in 2014, Al Reem restaurant on N.H 47 at Athani Kottayi, quickly got the attention of the foodies for their Arabian dishes. Mandhi and Alfahm are the only dishes available at this restaurant but they have showed its the quality not the number of dishes that counts. Open from 1 pm to 9:30 pm, the best time to visit this place will be during their dinner hours when both mutton and chicken Mandhi will be available.

    Detailed Write-up

    Mandhi, an Arabian dish first made its introduction in Kerala somewhere around the 2012 time. As Kerala has significant NRI population in Arabian countries, it quickly made popular by the people who returned back home from those countries as the dish had significant nostalgic values for them. This dish had mixed response among the local population in Kerala as it was nothing like what they were used to as the taste of the dish was pretty bland with very less uses of spices.

    But if you check the present day, Mandhi has much more appeal among the local people and almost every other Arabian restaurant worth its salt serves Mandhi – either chicken or mutton. But the authenticity of the dish is often questioned as many restaurants add more spices and flavour to make it more pleasing for the local customers.

    So if authenticity of the dish is your main concern then Al Reem restaurant located at Athani Kottai, Near Bharath Benz showroom is often suggested by the foodies in the city as the best place to go to. When you are travelling to Cochin International Airport this place is on the right side service road, between Parambayam and Airport Junction.   

    Chicken Mandhi is their only item for the afternoon lunch and you should see the rush at this rather spacious restaurant to come in terms with the popularity this place have. Evening time onward they also serve their customers Al Faham too. On an average they use uto 200 chickens per day to prepare the dish and during weekends the number can even go upto 300. Mutton Mandhi is available only in limited quantity during dinner hours and mainly according to prior order from customers.

    Mandhi from this restaurant has that long, mildly flavoured rice served with specially marinated chicken. Special mayonnaise and sauce they serve with the Mandhi makes the dish one of a kind. The speed with which a large basin full of rice and chicken is finished is just an astonishing indicator to the popularity this place has.  

    They have 3 main dining areas that are basically furnished with steel tables and chairs. They have an air conditioned dining area as well as a majlis setup where you sit on the carpeted floor and have the dish in true Arabian style.    

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